Play School


Lower Kindergarten

Upper Kindergarten

Primary School

Secondary Classes


  1. Cognitive Skills
  2. Motor development through sports and physical fitness activities 
  3. Creative Skills
  4. To be refines, well-spoken and cultured individuals
  5. To be confident, curious, logical, passionate and responsible

What We Offer

  1. Trained, resourceful and dedicated teachers
  2. Conducive environment
  3. Individual attention
  4. Ideal student-teacher ratio
  5. Child-centric curriculum that aims at academic, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth.
  6. Teaching aids that support learning
  7. Regular resource enrichment programme for teachers
  8. Resource persons are invited periodically
  9. Field trips to get first-hand information in its natural habitat, to live in a group, share and help, each other.
  10. Periodical meeting to provide guidance for parents.